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Allison Cancer Center

Allison Cancer Center has served residents of the Permian Basin, in the treatment of cancer, since 1981. In 1996, Midland Memorial Hospital established a relationship with Texas Oncology® P.A. and US Oncology in an effort to enhance the scope and quality of technologies in the treatment of cancer. This collaboration enabled the center to provide cancer care to patients from more than 30 surrounding counties and Eastern New Mexico.

Coping with cancer is a tremendous challenge. The staff of Allison Cancer Center has extensive knowledge of cancer-related challenges and resources and are there to assist patients with any questions or concerns. Written materials are available to educate patients about various forms of cancers and their respective treatments.

The center provides patients with advanced imaging expertise that will lead to significant enhancements in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. One example of this is Positron Emission Tomography (PET). Introduced in 2003, this nuclear medicine imaging tool allows physicians to examine large areas of the body in a single scanning session, producing images that are unobtainable through techniques such as conventional x-ray, CT, and MRI.

Our dedicated staff is committed to providing complete, comprehensive, and compassionate cancer care. With every treatment, clinical trial, and purchase of advanced technology/therapies, we never lose sight of the end recipient, our patient. We will continue to strive to eradicate cancer, while offering continued hope and compassion to our patients, both local and regional.

For more information visit us at www.allisoncancercenter.com.


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