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"Providing philanthropic support to Midland Memorial Hospital since 1945"

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Midland Memorial Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit corporation organized exclusively for the benefit of Midland Memorial Hospital. Governed by a volunteer board, the Foundation was established in 1945 for the purpose of raising funds for a community hospital. Since Midland Memorial Hospital opened in 1950, the Foundation has been active in securing additional gifts for the expansion of the physical plants, purchase of new equipment, and initiation of valuable new programs and services.

The hospital was established by prominent community leaders with one mission, "to make quality healthcare available in this region". It was built with funds donated by individuals, corporations and foundations as a nonprofit, community-based hospital, offering medical care to all Midlanders, regardless of their ability to pay.

The Foundation's Board of Governors recognize that philanthropy will not only continue to play a significant role in providing funds for Midland Memorial Hospital but that the benevolence of donors will become the critical link between community and regional needs and the quality of care provided.

Midland Memorial Foundation gratefully acknowledges a rich history of philanthropic support and is committed to broadening our fundraising efforts so Midland Memorial Hospital can continue to meet the health care needs of a growing and dynamic community and region.

We invite you to explore our site to find out more about our current projects, special events and how you can support the mission of Midland Memorial Hospital.

Mission Statement

Midland Memorial Foundation was established in 1945 by community volunteers committed to raising the funds for Midland's first hospital. Successful in that endeavor, the Foundation has continued to fulfill its primary mission "to help promote and maintain excellence in the delivery of health care in Midland". The mission includes: 1) helping friends of the hospital reach their own goals through philanthropic giving to Midland Memorial Hospital, 2) working with physicians and hospital administration to identify projects which lend themselves to philanthropic fund raising and 3) aiding the volunteer Board of Governors to build a significant Endowment Fund which will ensure that quality health care continues to be available to the people of Midland County.


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Governing Board

Board of Governors

Joseph I. O'Neill, III


Tevis Herd

Vice-Chairman, Past Chairman

Suzy Starr Boldrick


Glenn A. Rogers, D.D.S.


H. Eugene Abbott


Margaret Purvis


Barry A. Beal


Rosalind Redfern Grover


Cadell S. Liedtke


James M. Alsup

Nancy R. Anguish

Frank K. Cahoon

Nadine Craddick

L. Decker Dawson

Mary W. deCompiegne

Richard R. Gibson

Arden R. Grover

Paula A. Henry
Bob L. Jones
Mary B. Kennedy

Ann M. Kleine

W.W. LaForce, Jr.

Paul L. Morris

Beverly Pevehouse

Douglas Scharbauer

Betty W. Sumner

Cyril Wagner, Jr.

Terry Wilkinson

Charles M. Younger, M.D.

Governors Emeriti

Gregory W. Bartha, M.D.
H.G. Bedford, Jr.
Thomas M. Bruner
Mrs. Patricia Ann Estes
John C. Dorn
Edwin H. Magruder, Jr
Mrs. Donald E. O'Shaughnessy
W. F. Pennebaker
Charles H. Priddy
Clarence Scharbauer, Jr.

Honorary Board of Governors

Bradley Bunn,   Andrews
Marvie Burton,   Alpine, TX
Lawrence F. Buxton, M.D.   Horseshoe Bay
Marj Carpenter,   Big Spring
Mrs. John R. Dorr,   Pecos
Vicky Fisher,   Big Lake
Sharon Halfmann,   Garden City
Dennis Haralson,   Seminole
Delmon Hodges,   Fort Stockton
Lanny G. Ice, Sr.,   Monahans
Kimball Miller,   Fort Davis
Eva Mitchell,   Kermit
Terry Schul, D.D.S.,   Crane
Jimmy Stallings,   Stanton

Memorial Forum

J. Devin Alsup, Chairman
Stuart Beal
David B. Grover
Fred Kennedy
John R. Norwood
Amy Penland
Kevin Petty
Julia Swallow
Melissa Ware
Leslie Wood

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Meet Our Philanthropy Team

"Perhaps you would like to tour one of Midland Memorial Hospital's facilities or learn more about one of our many services or programs. Maybe you have a question about your giving record with the Foundation or would like to learn more about our giving opportunities. You may simply have a suggestion to share or a change of address or other information that needs updating in our records. Midland Memorial Foundation's Philanthropy Team invites your call at any time, because we welcome every opportunity to assist each of our current and future donors."
Barbara Tom Jowell, Executive Director

Introducing our staff...

Barbara Tom Jowell
Executive Director
(432) 682-1468

Tricia Jowell Cobb
Associate Executive Director
(432) 685-1572

Kristin Garcia
Scholarship Administrator/Administrative Assistant/Bookkeeper
(432) 686-5250

Tonya Sutton
Grant Specialist/Planned Giving Coordinator
(432) 685-1569

The Midland Memorial Foundation offices are located on the second floor in the Medical Office Building.

For more information or to contact the Foundation call (432) 682-1468 or (432) 685-1569 or by fax at (432) 682-2609 or (432) 685-6979.


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Faces of Philanthropy

"People of Extraordinary Generosity"

Mr. & Mrs. Hal C. Peck
Their Pioneering Spirit Continues to Impact Many

Hal C. PeckIn late 2010, Midland Memorial Foundation received a very special phone call.  As Bogart said, “This is the stuff dreams are made of...” 

Unbeknownst to MMF, Mr. and Mrs. Hal C. Peck had created a planned gift, which would benefit three organizations: Midland Memorial Foundation, Midland College, and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. The resulting gift to Midland Memorial Foundation will establish the Hal and Sweetie Peck Endowment Fund which will benefit patients at Midland Memorial Hospital for generations to come.  This named endowment will provide patient programs and services, state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology, and staff programs targeting patient care.

Hal C. Peck married Josie Fay Jones, later known to everyone as Sweetie Peck, on March 31, 1929 in Amarillo.  They moved to Midland, TX in 1933 to the old Railroad Ranch in Southwest Midland County which was deeded to Mrs. Peck by her father, the day before her wedding.  In 1936 they built their first home on Missouri Street in Midland, Texas.

Sweetie Peck was the only woman to ever serve on the Texas Game, Fish and Oyster Commission before it merged with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.  She was instrumental in establishing well known social organizations in Midland, including the Girl Scouts and the YMCA and she served as president of many organizations such as the Midland Woman’s Club, the American Legion Auxiliary, and the League of Women Voters. 

Sweetie PeckMrs. Peck also helped organize the Midland Memorial Hospital Auxiliary and served as an original member on the MMH Board of Trustees.  In 1959, Sweetie was appointed to the Board of Governors of Midland Memorial Foundation and served in that capacity until her death in 1963.

Hal Peck was a successful rancher and oilman.  He also served a number of years as a special Texas Ranger through appointment by the Department of Public Safety.  In the early 1950s, Hall and Stewart Drilling Company and General American Oil Company of Texas drilled the Josie Fay Peck No.1 and discovered Midland County’s first deep commercial oil production on the Peck Ranch.  General Ernest O. Thompson, chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission, insisted the site be called the Sweetie Peck Field.  Mr. Peck died in 1971 at the age of 72.

Mr. and Mrs. Peck led remarkable lives and were pioneers not only in the oil and ranching industries, as well as political and social activism realms, but also in leaving a lasting legacy of philanthropy.  This planned gift will provide a perpetual reminder of their deep commitment to the community they loved, and enable Midland Memorial Hospital to continue its legacy of compassionate, high-quality healthcare.  We are very thankful for the Hal and Sweetie Peck Endowment Fund, and we are proud to honor them as pillars in the Midland community.

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Challenge Grant

Patti and Watson LaForce, Jr. Establish the LaForce Family Endowment Fund

LaForceOver the years, friends and loved ones have had the joy of gathering together before the lens of Watson LaForce’s trusty camera, knowing Patti LaForce would be by in a few days to deliver the prints!  This thoughtful couple has once again shown their giving spirit by establishing the LaForce Family Endowment Fund at Midland Memorial Foundation.

The LaForce family moved to Midland from Los Angeles, California in 1937 when Watson was only four years old.  Later Watson graduated from New Mexico Military Institute and then graduated from the University of Oklahoma as a Petroleum Engineer.

While at OU, Watson met the love of his life, Patti, and the two were married on September 22, 1956. Patti returned with Watson to his home town of Midland where he went to work for Conoco as an Engineer, and then spent three years in the Air Force as a pilot and retired as a captain. Watson later worked as a loan officer at First National Bank. Together, Patti and Watson have four children, two girls, and two boys who were born in Midland Memorial Hospital. They now have eight grandchildren, four of whom live in Midland.

Patti and Watson have been active in many organizations, especially in The First Presbyterian Church. Patti has shared her love of music and encouraging children by serving in every area of the children’s choir. Currently Patti plays the piano in children’s chapel every Sunday as well as accompanying the choir on Wednesdays for more than thirty years. Throughout the years, Watson has served as a Teacher, Elder, and Deacon in the church. They also helped start Young Life and Community Bible Study in Midland, MHMR for both Midland and Odessa, and Watson spent seventeen years on the Hillander School board of directors.

Watson’s father, W.W. LaForce, Sr., was an avid supporter of MMH, and in 1980, Watson continued the work of his father by accepting an appointment to the Board of Governors. For the past 31 years, Watson has faithfully and energetically served our Hospital. Watson says that he is pleased to serve “on this exciting board and enjoys every meeting…”!

Patti and Watson are committed to ensuring that the future of MMH is preserved for generations to come.  The LaForce Family Endowment Fund will provide a perpetual resource for patient programs, state-of-the-art medical equipment and technology, and staff programs targeting patient care.  “We are thrilled to be a part of the magnificent expansion that is being constructed as a memorial to our city and its incredible citizens,” Watson and Patti explained.  “Our La Force Family Endowment Fund was created as a small token of our love and appreciation for the great city and hospital!”  The LaForce Family Endowment Fund is a perfect way for friends and loved ones to honor Patti and Watson LaForce for their unique enthusiasm for community and dedication to Midland Memorial Hospital.

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Foundation News & Events

Harvey Herd
A Man You Could Always “Count On”

Harvey HerdOn July 3, 2011, Midland Memorial Hospital and the entire community of Midland, Texas lost a dear friend and one of its greatest supporters with the death of Harvey Herd.  At his memorial service, Harvey’s son, Tevis, recalled that Harvey would respond to a need by saying, ‘Count me in’!  In fact, Harvey could always be counted on to give guidance, encouragement or financial support.  He had a gracious way of helping others that is unmatched to this day.

Harvey was born October 27, 1915 to Eloise Shropshire Herd and John Tevis Herd in Post, Texas.  He graduated from New Mexico Military Institute and University of Colorado with a B.A. degree in Geology.  He came to Midland in 1937 as an oil and gas scout and geologist for the Standard Oil Company of Texas. 

Harvey married Harriet Daniel Herd on March 10, 1940 and together they raised three wonderful children, Tevis, Claire and Dan.  Harvey served as a captain in the U.S. Army Air Corps in World War II, including 20 months in Italy with the 15th Air Force, 465th Bomber Group. 

Noted for his “unfailingly polite manner”, Harvey was a celebrated civic leader who served on numerous boards including United Way, Midland Chamber of Commerce, Boy Scouts of America, and Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, to name only a few.  In 2001, Harvey received the “Top Pioneer” award from the Permian Basin Petroleum Pioneers.  The Association of Fund Raising Professionals recognized Harriet and Harvey as the Outstanding Philanthropic Family in 2003.

Elected to the Midland Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees in 1951, Harvey served as Chairman of the Trustees until he was elected to the Board of Governors in 1958.  He served faithfully for many years before joining the distinguished Governors Emeriti, where he remained until his death.

Time and time again, Harvey’s “count me in” attitude benefitted our community Hospital.  Beginning in 1946 with the first capital campaign to build the original hospital, Harvey contributed to every MMH campaign whether it be for buildings, renovations or equipment.  His wisdom and support was always welcomed, especially during the difficult times. 

In early 2011, Harvey established the Herd Family Endowment Fund at Midland Memorial Foundation.  MMF is honored to be among those entities named by the Herd family for friends and loved ones wishing to make memorial tributes to Harvey. The impact of Harvey’s lifelong work will forever be remembered in Midland, and his friendship and encouragement will be greatly missed by all.

Billie Ruppe

Her Planned Gift Perpetuates Her Life’s Passion

Billie RuppeMidland Memorial Foundation is honored to learn that Billie Ruppe, a lifelong friend and supporter, bequeathed a portion of her estate to Midland Memorial Foundation.  In order to honor her passion for nursing, this planned gift will benefit the MMF Nursing Education Fund which provides scholarships for nurses who desire to pursue advanced degrees in nursing.

Billie Gieger was born in Talco, Texas on February 5, 1930 to Murtis Thomas and Bernard Gieger.  She graduated from Sisters of St. Josephs School of Nursing in Ponca City, Oklahoma, and began working as a Registered Nurse at Midland Memorial Hospital in 1951.  Billie was one of the most gifted and innovative nurses Midland Memorial Hospital has ever known.  She was on the cutting edge of nursing education and health care from the very beginning of her career, and stood out among her peers as one of the very best.

In 1952, Billie travelled to Sioux City, Iowa on assignment for the Red Cross responding to the call for experienced polio nurses.  She returned to Midland, and in 1955 she married Joseph Bosch Ruppe and had 4 children. 

Billie became the Director of the first Licensed Vocational Nursing School at Midland Memorial Hospital in 1956.  Every member of her first class passed their board exam on the first attempt, which was unheard of at the time.  Billie’s peers describe her as a versatile nurse who was skilled in the emergency room, operating room, or any other specialty department.  MMH could always depend on Billie Ruppe to provide leadership and mentoring in order to cultivate a very capable nursing staff.

When Mrs. Ruppe left Midland Memorial Hospital to raise her children, she turned her efforts to the Hospital Auxiliary.  Even though she was no longer employed as a nurse, Billie’s love for nursing kept her from allowing her credentials to lapse. She could always be seen with the latest issue of a nursing journal in hand, and faithfully maintained her education and training throughout her life.

In 1981 she travelled to Saudi Arabia to open new hospitals as the head of nursing. Billie was co-founder and CEO of We Care Home Health Agency, the first of its kind in Midland, Texas.  She contributed to healthcare law by advising congressional leaders on pressing issues related to nursing. Nursing was more than a career for Mrs. Ruppe; nursing was her lifelong calling and influenced every facet of her life. 

Midland Memorial Foundation is grateful for the foresight and wise planning of our dear friend.  Billie’s many contributions to healthcare in Midland, Texas will continue to benefit one and all because of the lasting legacy created through her planned gift. 

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Memorial Forum

Memorial Forum, organized by Midland Memorial Foundation, was established to unite a growing group of Midland's young, emerging leaders who share Midland Memorial Hospital's mission to ensure caring, quality health care for all community members, regardless of their ability to pay.

The Memorial Forum, while not a fundraising support group, will develop ideas that will strengthen the work of Midland Memorial Foundation. The Forum will serve the community by offering young professionals the opportunity to:

  • work directly with healthcare professionals on issues facing the future of health care;
  • provide a voice for their generation in the future of health care in the Permian Basin; and
  • return to the community with information and advocacy.

The Forum will also afford its members an opportunity to network and gain exposure to a variety of issues impacting Midland Memorial and the health care industry.

The Foundation welcomes this dedicated group of young leaders who will help pave the way for the future of health care at Midland Memorial Hospital.


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Focus on the Future Newsletter


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Ways to Give

Any individual, corporation, foundation or other organization may make a gift payable to the Midland Memorial Foundation. Gifts or bequests obtain the maximum tax benefits for the donor. All gifts made remain at the Foundation and are used for the sole benefit of Midland Memorial Hospital and the area the hospital serves.

If you would like to become a member of the Midland Memorial Hospital family of supporters, you may choose which way of giving is best for you. Gift giving or gift planning will perpetuate the medical excellence at our community hospital. If you need more information, please contact Midland Memorial Foundation's Executive Director, Barbara Tom Jowell at (432) 682-1468 or (432) 685-1569, by e-mail at btj@btjconsultant.com or mail to 2200 W. Illinois Avenue, Midland, Texas 79701.

Ways you can give to Midland Memorial Foundation:

Cash Gifts
Please complete a Gift Form and mail it with your check or money order to Midland Memorial Foundation, 2200 W. Illinois Avenue, Midland, Texas 79701.

Credit Card
Online credit card donations with Visa, Mastercard or Discover can be made by clicking on the Make a Donation button or call (432) 682-1468 or (432) 685-1569 to make your gift over the phone.

Gifts can be made over multiple years to allow a donor to budget a more significant contribution. To make a multi-year pledge to Midland Memorial Foundation, please complete a Gift Form , designate as a pledge and mail it to the Foundation.

Gifts of Appreciated Stock or Real Estate
One of the most efficient methods of giving is by transferring appreciated assets to Midland Memorial Foundation. If you own real estate that has appreciated in value through the years, and if to sell would result in a sizable capital gains tax, you can make an outright gift by deed to the Foundation. Click here to learn more about Gifts of Appreciated Stock or Real Estate . If you are interested in making a gift of appreciated assets or real estate, please contact Barbara Tom Jowell, Executive Director of Midland Memorial Foundation at (432) 682-1468 or (432) 685-1569.


Click an underlined topic to learn more about each giving type.

Memorials and Honorariums - You can make a gift in memory or in honor of a special person.

Gifts for Specific Programs - You can restrict your gift to a particular Midland Memorial Foundation campaign or program. i.e. the Endowment Fund or Nursing Scholarship.

General Support - You can make a gift to be directed by the Midland Memorial Foundation's Board of Governors to wherever the need or opportunity is greatest.

Planned Giving - You can include Midland Memorial Foundation in your will or in gifts that provide you income for your lifetime.

Named Endowed Fund - This fund enables you to establish a fund bearing your name and directed by you. It is also a wonderful way to honor or memorialize a beloved family member or a treasured friend. A named endowed fund allows you to be creative as you establish a perpetual means of honoring your family or loved ones while generously supporting Midland Memorial Hospital for generations to come.


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Make a Donation

Gifts of all sizes and types are important to Midland Memorial Foundation. Your gift is an investment in the medical excellence and patient care that distinguishes our community hospital.

Click on the Make A Donation button to send your online donation using Visa, Mastercard or Discover or click on the "Gift Form" link to print the form and mail your contribution. If you have any questions concerning this gift giving process, please call the Foundation office at (432) 685-1569.


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